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AETHER by Max Cooper, Architectural Social Club and Regan Appleton<br /> <br /> Aether is a new spatial audio-visual collaboration between musician Max Cooper and architects Satyajit Das and Regan Appleton. It plays on the beauty of fundamental natural forms - waves, surfaces, symmetries and surreal landscapes, as the building blocks and underlying structure of the world around us - a modern interpretation of the luminiferous aether.<br /> <br /> Aether comprises a 3-dimensional lattice of light, mapped to a live immersive audio experience. The audience can walk around, underneath and fully explore the space as the light-field warps around them, playing on the connection between spatial and sonic structures, and our intrinsic emotional connection to fundamental natural form.<br /> <br /> The project is premiering in New York 7-10 September at 306 Bowery Street - Private viewing guestlists available on request at facebook.com/maxcoopermax<br /> <br /> This is all live footage, no CGI was used.<br /> <br /> CREDITS<br /> MUSIC: MAX COOPER<br /> DESIGNERS: ARCHITECTURE SOCIAL CLUB + REGAN APPLETON<br /> VISUAL CONTENT DESIGN: MAX COOPER + SATYAJIT DAS<br /> ENGINEER + ANIMATOR: DAVID GARDENER<br /> VIDEO EDITOR: JENNIFER TIVIDAD<br /> COLOURIST: TOBY TOMKINS<br /> DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: DAVID GARDENER<br /> DIRECTOR: SATYAJIT DAS<br /> LASERS PROVIDED BY LASER HIRE LONDON: DAL BADIAL + KAYTEN TEBBS + JAMIE THOMAS<br /> CONSTRUCTION TEAM: ROB WALKER, ADAM KALOPSIDIOTIS, JOHN HARKNESS, BEN SLATER, SHARMISTHA DAS, KIM HAU, WILL HARDING-NEWMAN, BETHAN KAY, SHEHNAAZ KHAN, MEGAN CHARNLEY, ALEX WATSON, SIMON BRAUNSTEIN, JASON MAK, ALISON SCHPOT, JESSII ROSE, STEVE BRITTON<br /> <br /> Bookings - Americas - inbal@windishagency.com<br /> Bookings - Rest of World - marcus@lb-agency.net<br /> Press - james@thewildseeds.com<br /> <br /> Laser control software by Pangolin<br /> www.architecturesocialclub.co.uk<br /> www.reganappleton.com<br /> www.maxcooper.net

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