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Dr.Nojoke - Let(´s) Go | official video by Diagraf

FALLING & WALKING<br /> is a conceptual, danceable, interdisciplinary album project by dr.nojoke around the topic "moving"<br /> in collaboration with diverse international artists and Sleep is Commercial.<br /> sleepiscommercialstore.com/product/dr-nojoke-falling-walking-sicx008<br /> <br /> 11 music tracks, 11 music-videos, 11 video-artists, 5 poems and 1 painting<br /> <br /> Music: Dr.Nojoke<br /> Video: Diagraf<br /> Label: Sleep is Commercial<br /> Cat#: SICX008<br /> <br /> <br /> Patrick Trudeau (Diagraf) is a Montréal based DJ, VJ, designer and filmmaker. He also produces music and graphics as part of the audio-visual performance group Orbital mechanics.<br /> Coming from a film studies background, his visual style combines minimalist graphic elements and complex evolutive particles systems with more emotive cinematic content.<br /> The resulting works and performances have been shown in places like MUTEK Montreal, MUTEK Mexico, Igloofest, Sound In Motion - Toronto, and many others.<br /> In 2013, he performed with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.<br /> Since 2010, his focus has spread to the development of immersive content and performances for domes such as Montréal's Satosphere<br /> <br /> https://vimeo.com/diagraf<br /> https://soundcloud.com/diagraf

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