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Blur Rouge 2013 by Manuel Chantre

Blur Rouge is an audiovisual performance. Large-scale vaporous landscape are drenched in a soundtrack composed with elements of ambient, dub and noise music. Here, matter and light merge through a perpetual rotation. The proposed universe creates misty, ethereal, liquid and airy spaces. In Blur Rouge, Chantre is influenced by a 6000 years old pottery process that uses a rotational wheel for sculpting hollow objects. He applies this process to 3D modelling. He uses software originally designed to create video games to generate the real-time visuals. The sound also effects the forms presented, helping to make them more material and place them in a physical space. This project is part of larger set of works by Chantre, in which he is interested in the results of sculpting light, in empty spaces and in translucent structures. Credits - Music, 3D modelling and animation, programming and concept: Manuel Chantre - Programmer consultant : Sébastien Gravel

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