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Axel Boman - Look What You've Done To Me

Download @ http://tiny.cc/e8kstw Buy the vinyl @ http://tiny.cc/204ttw http://www.facebook.com/hypercolourUK Cat No: Hype31 Artist: Axel Boman Title: Black Magic Boman EP Label: Hypercolour Format: 12" & Digital Release Date: Vinyl Feb 11th/ Digital March 25th By now Swedish dandy Axel Boman is a big deal. We'd like to think we played a small role in that by releasing his unpredictable sounds back in 2011 on our sister label Glass Table. Here, though, he appears on Hypercolour with four more tracks that are as idiosyncratic as they are off the wall. Opener 'Television People' is stripped bare, with a softly-softly kick drum padding away beneath dreamy melody lines that drift like a warm breeze. A shadowy vocal talks about the different elements of a record and eventually some feather light snares begin to flesh out this deepest of late night tracks. 'Cubic Mouth' is classic Boman -- incidental, innocent and lullaby-like melodies hang above a roaming bottom end of their own free will. A distant percussive clatter drives things along and a more soothing track you are unlikely to have heard in a while. Pop music is clearly an increasing influence for the Studio Barnhus man, as 'Klinsmann' pairs more sultry vocal work with gently undulating synth lines and chattering claps. A dusty nebular of synthesized ticks, twitches and frazzled lines consumes the whole thing at the mid point before peeling away to reveal that sweet male voice once more. Finally, 'Look What You've Done To Me' goes more direct to the floor with buried deep kicks, but rolling chords and swirling ambiance retain that heart warming and romantic aesthetic which so characterises this renegade's easy to love sounds.

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