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Nils Frahm - Recording tour part I

Nils Frahm will embark on a special mission this month, also known as his 'Recording Tour'. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a ticket for one of these shows, you might end up being part of his next record. Nils made an intimate, home-made video in his Durton Studio, where he explains the concept: 'I love recording and I love playing live too, so always when I'm on tour I miss being in the studio recording. And when I'm recording I miss playing live and see you guys and play for you. So on the next tour, starting on the 21st of May until the 31st of May I will bring my studio on tour and record all my shows. That sounds like a lot of fun... maybe you want to see what we're doing, what we come up with... Oh, do you want to know why I love recording so much? Let me show you something...' 22/05 : 4AD -- Diksmuide (BE) 23/05 : Lux -- Nijmegen (NL) 24/05 : Grammatikoff -- Duisburg (DE) 25/05 : Kruithuis -- Groningen (NL) 26/05 : Paard Van Troje -- Den Haag (NL) 28/05 : Stadtgarten -- Köln (DE) 29/05 : Brotfabrik -- Frankfurt (DE) 30/05 : Villa Simonetta -- Milano (IT) 31/05 : AB -- Brussels (BE) Additional summer festival dates can be found here: http://www.erasedtapes.com/artists/ev... We hope to see you on the road. Love, Nils & team Erased Tapes

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