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CDR Berlin Workshop POLE (Scape)

music by: Dear Tom - Whales Every music producer asks the same questions: you work on a tune for ages but something is still missing, you are just not sure what it is. Is the sound right, is the arrangement convincing, is it working on the dancefloor? What are my buddys thinking about the tune? When is the tune really finished? We might get a bit closer to the answers at CDR Berlin because here everyone has the chance to air their tunes among like minded folks in a club environment. At the beginning of the evening you can learn in workshops from the ones who know and share your ideas or ask what you always wanted to ask. In January, RBMA and CDR Berlin start 2012 in style, welcoming Morphosis, who released the highly praised album What Have We Learned last year. He will be followed by Stefan Betke aka Pole who will shed some insight on his work, tools and philosophy being an experienced musician, producer and mastering engineer. The aim is to exchange ideas in an open Q&A instead of just listening to a frontal lecture. The workshops will be followed by a DJ Set by the CDR Berlin team Dirk Rumpff, John B. Savary and the originator Tony Nwachukwu from CDR London. They will play the tunes that were previously submitted via cdrberlin.net or via CD / USB Stick during the night. The name of the artist will be screened on to the wall so everyone has the chance to receive immediate feedback. This OPEN CDR will be followed by special sets by the workshop guests Pole and Morphosis who will provide even more insight into their working routines. A "Best-Of" the evening will be broadcasted on RBMA Radio and Soundcloud. www.cdrberlin.net www.facebook.com/CDRBerlin www.soundcloud.com/CDR-berlin

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