• Alberto Martini - MUTEK.MX
  • Evelyne Drouin - GénieLab

Discoverability: WTF?

A hot topic among content creators and a burgeoning industry concerned with combatting the forces of invisibility on the Internet—discoverability is a new practice with specific strategies that elevates information on the web. How can this be utilized by artists in a concrete way? For media arts organizations and artists alike, this means increasing the visibility of their content in online search engines.

This session brings together Evelyne Drouin, a Montréal artist and arts educator, and Alberto Martini, an expert in digital strategies based Mexico, in order to address the issue from a north-south perspective. They offer insight and concrete approaches on how to implement the elements of discoverability without resorting to expensive and inaccessible schemes—an essential discussion for those interested in the challenge of outreach within the worlds of digital art and electronic music, or within their own artistic practice.

August 23, 2019 15:00 - 16:00
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