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Édition 19

cv313 US

Nocturne 2 : Presented by Resident Advisor
August 23, 2018, 21:00 - 02:05
Live - Canadian premiere: 01:05 - 02:05
FACT presents: Against The Clock Lab w/ CMD and cv313: Presentation + Q&A
August 24, 2018, 11:30 - 12:30
Presentation: 11:30 - 12:30
Detroit-based producer Stephen Hitchell, also known as Soultek, Instrusion and Variant
Dub techno beats in ambient atmospheres, synthetic vintage hardware grooves and ear-purging static
Echospace, Modern Love
Analogue Oceans (2018), Beyond Dreams [Analog Passages] (2017)
Stephen Hitchell appears solo as cv313 at MUTEK, though he and long-time collaborator Rod Modell have collaborated on the experiment-based project for over a decade.
Montréal: 2011 (as Echospace with Rod Modell)

Dub chords and deep bass build momentum as strands of white noise and agile melody weave through sublimely dense sonic environments, constructed on hardware by cv313’s Stephen Hitchell.

After a youth spent listening to reggae and jazz, Stephen Hitchell immersed himself in Detroit techno of the early-'90s and soon starting producing as cv313, then a solo project based on analog circuitry, sequencing and higher levels of control voltage. Trained as an audio engineer, Hitchell crafted cv313 tracks over a decade, but the project took on a new form after he began collaborating with DeepChord's Rod Modell in 2007. Making deep dubbed-out minimal sounds on vintage analog tape delays, signal processors, noise generators, samplers and synthesizers, as Echospace, they produced critical electronic classics The Coldest Season and Liumin and further explored their sound's range through live sets at clubs like Berghain and Smart Bar. In parallel, cv313 became a dimension-shifting ambient avenue for experimentation with technology, especially analog circuitry, though still maintains the warm, vintage analog sound of Echospace and the duo's other constant collaborations and endeavours. In Hitchell's solo productions as Soultek, he mixes elements of classic Chicago house and the organic, improvised jazz he grew up listening to, playing with melodics and harmonies slightly outside techno's territories. Under his Intrusion moniker, Hitchell inclines towards saturated compositions merging deep house with industrial threads, while his Variant project makes more use of field recordings and acoustic elements in its drawn-out ambient realms, not unlike the long, roaming tracks on cv313's recent releases.

Hitchell brings a new live set as cv313 to MUTEK, drawing on the moody ambient builds and echo-chamber rhythms of his latest releases to create an awakening capsule universe inside the festival.


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