international festival
of digital creativity
Edition 2
Buenos Aires

Joanie Lemercier & James Ginzburg BE/FR/UK

Full Dome
September 14, 2018, 20:00 - 21:30
Nimbes - Artist: 20:00 - 20:15
Joanie Lemercier is an artist primarily focused on projections of light in space and its influence on our perception. His video works showing at MUTEK.SF are soundtracked by American-British artist James Ginzburg, half of the duo Emptyset, who also founded Subtext Recordings and Tectonic Recordings with Pinch.
“Nimbes” features black-and-white reconstructions of the natural world from the inside out, exploring the ontology of observation and how we understand and re-interpret the world through the lens of our senses; “Blueprint” examines the notion of the blueprint as the intersection of ideation and architecture, a map that leads from formlessness to form, exploring the view of architecture as both the endless repetition of the cosmic order, and as a shelter from the infinite, a human construct that brings the capriciousness of nature into perspective.
San Francisco: 2018

Nimbes will present at MUTEK.AR 2018 at Planetario Galileo Galilei, Buenos Aires.
visuals: Joanie Lemercier
music: James Ginzburg and Yair Glotman
production: Juliette Bibasse
coproduced by SAT Montreal
with the support of WBI


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