MUTEKPREVIEW057 - Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig

MUTEKPREVIEW057 - Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig

April 18, 2016

MUTEKPREVIEW057 - Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig

Montréal 2016

This is a mix of tracks we’ve each been listening to recently, as well as material that came to mind when thinking about our approach as a group. In the former category is stuff like Biosphere, Nicola Ratti, and Guy Reibel, producers/composers we all enjoy and have been influenced by in general. In the latter category is improv trio Fenn O’Berg, who bear a pretty obvious connection to what we do. We tend to lean toward a different palette of sounds, but their work felt appropriate for the mix. The new Vladislav Delay is also something we’ve had our eye on, as it seems to take a more “organic” angle on modular work, an idea we identify with a lot. Like much of this mix, we’re keen on throwing both pleasant, natural sounds and abrasive, synthetic ones into the same pot, stirring them up and watching how they play off one another.

1. Eric Lanham - Intercepted Ruin
2. Fenn O’Berg - Concrete Onions
3. Biosphere - Nook & Cranny
4. Guy Reibel - Granulations-Sillages
5. Thomas Ankersmit - Figuera Terrace
6. Nicola Ratti - 02 (Streengs)
7. Vladislav Delay - Viaton
8. Microstoria - Me Too Modula
9. France Jobin - 0
10. Glochids - Guatemala Voice (D. Hansen Rework)

Check out the updated lineup for MUTEK 2016 here!

Mixed by Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig.


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