MUTEKPREVIEW031 - Dictaphone

MUTEKPREVIEW031 - Dictaphone

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April 03, 2013

MUTEKPREVIEW031 - Dictaphone

Montréal 2013

Formed in the late 90s in Berlin, Dictaphone was born by Brussels-bred multi-instrumentalist Olivier Doerell and clarinet/saxophone player Klaus Bru. After Bru left the project 2000, Doerell found a new partner in Berlins Roger Döring, a man who shares the love for the Brussels based music of the 80ties and soon started to play. The first album called M.=ADDICTION was released on the label City_Centre_Offices in 2002. It was highly acclaimed by listeners and journalists. Doerell and Döring were very happy that Malka Spigel (Minimal Compact) gave her voice to the track "Tempelhof". 2002 Dictaphone made their first 15 concert tour. In 2004 the Nacht EP was released, the basic recordings were done by Stephan Wöhrmann (drums and Olivers partner in SWOD), Piotr Rybkowski (double bass) and Roger Döring (saxophone). They recorded their rehearsals on a cheap taperecorder. Oliver Doerell heard the lofi recordings and loved them and decided to turn them into Dictaphone. 2006 the Vertigo II album was released. Doerell and Döring took 4 years to finish it. The release concert took place in the amazing Neue National Gallery in Berlin. Döring and Doerell gained a lot of respect for their live performances, excessive melancholic shows. They played at a lot of festivals in more than 20 countries worldwide. 


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