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February 02, 2012


Barcelona 2012

The last podcast of the Micro_MUTEK.ES series showcases Argentina's DILO (aka Franco di Lorenzo), a producer who has released music on European labels such as Hope Central, Lessizmore, Soma, and [a]pendics.shuffle (under his alias Cascabel Gentz). Dilo is also responsible for the label Igloo Records, which has released material from the likes of Pinkler Ismael, From Karaoke To Stardom and himself, this time as another one of his projects, Elephant Pixel.

DILO is one of those artists currently residing in Berlin, but with very little time to play master of the house because of his constant travels to Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia or Russia. His sets are based on a direct, clean and skeletal techno sound, with the shapes and colors that are characteristic of his Latin American roots gaining ground in cold and grey Berlin. This sound has begun to take on new vigour with his debut album, Ethereal

This podcast showcases some of his exclusive tracks taken from his upcoming album, and offers a taste of what we can expect from his show at Nocturne 2 on February 9th with Luomo and Venezuela’s DJ Moreon. 


Cascabel Gentz (Dilo & [a]pendics.shuffle) - Wonderful Wonderfall

Cascabel Gentz (Dilo & [a]pendics.shuffle) - Drifting Away

Monotax - Speaker Head ([a]pendics.shuffle Remix)

Pancho Piedra - San Bartolo (Dilo's Indio Remix)

Dilo - Existence

Dilo - Jungla De Buhos

Dilo - Places

Dilo - An Iceberg & A Caribou (Dilo's Wormhole Mix)

Dilo - I Wanna Give Up (All My Love)


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