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January 26, 2012


Barcelona 2012

RAGUL does not spare the imagination when defining his memories. According to his biography, this young producer, with experience in projects like the Miga record label, Discontinu Records and events such as the Plug Festival, was submitted to a huge surgical operation that turned him into the first bionic man this side of the river Ebro. So now he lives quietly some place in Barcelona, comfortably uninstalled in between the machinery necessary to build his playful music and, much like himself, converges his sensibility in humankind with the mathematical infallibility of old machines. Proof of this is in the third podcast of our Micro_MUTEK.ES series, which is a preview of his live show.

The robot child RAGUL will be let out of its “quarantine” to perform on Saturday, February 11, at the Convent de Sant Agustí, as part of the newly added EXPERIENCE series, accompanied by the visuals of Stefania Sole and Paula Guastella (aka Blowshe).

Ragul Live Set – Tracklist 

1- Las personas físicas
2- Pokeyali
3- Consumo cuidado
4- El febrer de l´atmetller
5- Cançó sense títol de moment...
6- Tereta, la petita extraterrestre
7- Balada galàctica
8- Melangria hivernètica
9- El vals de las aves gallináceas
10- Improvització
11- La sargantana de Formentera
12- Improvització
13- Policarpo el poliédrico


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