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January 12, 2012


Barcelona 2012

We kick off our celebration of the upcoming Micro_MUTEK.ES’s 3rd edition – to be held in Barcelona on February 8-11 – with a special podcast from Catalan artist NIKKA!  NIKKA will be performing on Thursday, February 9th, at Sala Apolo [2], as part of the A/VISIONS series. 


This set is built around the new releases of electronic artists who are helping shape the electronic scene in Spain. These artists release on labels such as Disboot, which contributes tracks from such acts as Cauto and Downliners Sekt. Meanwhile, NIKKA has also featured tracks from her first home, Lovethechaos, which released her debut album, Isotopos, five years ago. 


For more recent work, NIKKA has gone with Discontinu Records, which has just released her new album Pandemia, the record she’ll be presenting at Micro_MUTEK.ES. Pandemia highlights the microscope as instrument; when microorganisms and microscopic elements enter into the microscope’s field of view their movement is converted into sound. Nikka’s goal is to make the audience aware of the invisible, microscopic processes that influence our daily, macroscopic lives.





D.forma – Amplia Grey unplayed track 2 (Lovethechaos Records)

Logical Disorder – After the Battle (Kraftoptical Label)

Battersea Power Station The Suicide of Western Culture remix by Strange2&Nev.era (Lovethechaos Records)

Nikka – VIH remix by PINA (Bionikka Producciones)

Draft Lorenz – Karakter (unreleased)

Cauto – Minuence (Disboot)

Drome – Dubba (Disboot)

Downliners Sekt – Benz (Free Download)

Brainpain – Bloods of god remix by NIkka (Discontinu Records)


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