MUTEKPREVIEW006 - Rebolledo

MUTEKPREVIEW006 - Rebolledo

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April 14, 2010

MUTEKPREVIEW006 - Rebolledo

Montréal 2010

Mauricio REBOLLEDO started DJing in 2002 and quickly developed his unique style that mixes old and new dance tracks, driven by a persistent disco groove. Playing alongside MATIAS AGUAYO at several Santanera parties at Mexico's Playa del Carmen, the two developed a friendship that eventually saw REBOLLEDO become one of the fundamental members of AGUAYO's Cómeme collective and label, on which he also debuted as a producer. REBOLLEDO and the Cómeme collective will be opening MUTEK's Nocturne series on Wednesday, June 2, 2010 with their no-holds-barred bumbumbox of deep sweat and acrobatic movement, loud music and even more vocal slogannering... ¡Fiesta espontanea!


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